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That feeling of disappointment when the loading screen is ... done!?

Like everyone, I avoid retarting my phone/laptop/etc... if at all possible.

One of my first smart phones was a Moto G 3. Oddly enough, I absolutely loved the bootscreen spinner. For fun, here's my attempt at recreating it in HTML/CSS.

I learned something interesting about spinners years back. If you make an interesting spinner, your users don't mind load times quite as much.

I was hoping that the data fetch would take longer...

In fact, I once worked on a project where I actually felt disappointed when the spinner went away. Like a good piece of music, the spinner we used on that project had a sense of tension and release.

Setting Expectations

It would start out with all the elements aligned with one another, thus setting the expectation.

Creating Tension

Then it would proceed to rotate each element at a different speed, thereby breaking the alignment and creating tension.

And Wait for It...

Sure, data was fetching in the background, but as the user, I was no longer thinking about that. I was hoping that the data fetch would take just a little longer. I really wanted to see the rotating elements once again align. There's the release.

Lemons Lemonade

Sure, the ideal user experience is for everything to load instantly. In reality, we all have to wait sometimes.

The spinner we used on that project had a sense of tension and release.

When faced with the necessity of loading indicators, consider using one with an interesting dynamic of tension and release.

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